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I just recently purchase the game here. Cause I don't want to have steam running all the time. But i noticed the folder contains steam files.

So when I ran this the first time nothing happened. force closed...

Second time got as far as the first Logo.. 

doing all this with and without steam running..

Win 10 64bit 

It should not matter if you use Steam or not. I suspect something else is interfering with the game, maybe an antivirus. Please check if after crash is there anything in the file debug.txt from the game folder.

There is no crash. It takes three minutes for the menu to even come up. Then i can't select any buttons.

The only program that may conflict is I have LibreOffice associated to csv files and windows media player to sounds.

I left the menu running for several minutes and couldn't do anything.

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Try to force run it in windowed mode. To do this, edit user.ini and add the following lines:

resolution = 0
fullscreen = 0

Save and restart.

Other thing to try, open settings.ini and add the following lines at the end:


And finally, try compatibility mode (windows 7) if you haven't already.

Tried all of the following, still not any improvement.

Logo is like a slideshow and can't select anything at the menu.

user.ini gets deleted every time i start the exe.

is there any command-line parameters?

I'll update the SDL library the game uses and upload a new version soon.

I have uploaded a new version.

I noticed this game is now on steam. Is it possible to also get a steam key with a purchase here? My understanding is the dev cut is better when we buy here instead of on steam directly.


I went ahead and made the purchase. Don't see a steam key on the download page, do I need to do anything special for that?

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Since there is no private messages system here, can you reach me out at Steam Treasure Fleet game's forum and send me a PM there?

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Hello @Dragos Pusca

I just purchased and installed your game. When I try to start it, it gives me an error message about "steam_api.dll" not found.

Thank you for your help!

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Sorry for that, I have checked and fixed the problem. I have updated the installer. Please try a reinstall.

Works like a charm now! Thanks!

No Mac OSX version?

Unfortunately, no at this time.

This game looks awesome! I don't suppose you can add a 32-bit build?

Hi and thanks! If you are referring to Windows version, this is a 32-bit build.

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Oops, forgot to mention, I mean the Linux version. But okay then, I'll see if the Windows one runs in Wine. Thanks!

Edit: unfortunately it doesn't. Appears to require a newer Windows than Wine supports. Oh well.

Ah, ok. I'll look into building a 32-bit Linux version. Thanks for your feedback.

I have uploaded the 32bit build for linux. I hope you won't have problems with libraries. If you receive a "D-BUS" error, launch the game as such:

DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS=0 TreasureFleet/launch

Unfortunately it's looking for the SDL2 libraries as packaged for... Ubuntu I think? And can't find them because on Mageia they're named differently. Oh well, thank you very much for trying. This should help many people.